Years of extensive experience behind the work from Asesor Home, and the full knowledge of the current real estate market that provides all the necessary security and confidence to fulfil your dreams

Human team

Asesor Home is formed by a team of great professionals with extensive experience, committed to your cause with a clear and concise mission: your satisfaction

The Client

Nothing and no one else matters except our client. Your needs and requirements are the reason for our being to help and accompany the process of selling and buying your new home under all guarantees that it deserves

Personal Shopper

A service, on which our business philosophy is founded, based on offering all the help our customers need to enjoy a new home without having to worry about having made a wrong investment

Looking for advice? We care about advice on everything related to the search for your new home or investment plan. Excellent Real Estate Personal Shopper (PSI), property tax consulting, financial services, judicial appraisals… Do not hesitate to call us at 609 81 0133 or 93 8724 152!


Nothing is more difficult to know than how to find the home of your dreams. Define what features should have, look for it, visit them and finally found the perfect one to buy. None of these steps is easy and along the way we encounter obstacles and difficulties that may hinder the natural development process.

At Asesor Home we know about all the hustle involved in this situation, so we offer a unique and exclusive service with the appearance on stage of our Property Personal Shopper, a professional with all the experience and knowledge of the property market, who will accompany you throughout the process and perform all these steps for you, with advice you also deserve for all these issues, taking into account your needs and requirements. Which is the final result? Your property’s key.

A service with full guarantees and all the advantages of saving time, money and enjoy all the advice and help during the procedure, even to find the right financing. Everything you have wanted, from the beginning to the end of the process, to enjoy, as you deserve, home or property of your dreams without paying more for it.

Because we are interested in your project and strongly believe in its success. The current situation exaggerates the real value of the property in markets and almost always ensures the interest of the seller, rarely cares for the buyer. That’s why, to achieve the greatest possible satisfaction and fulfil the mission of all Property Personal Shopper; we seek, compare, negotiate and facilitate the acquisition of your apartment, house or local, with this unique service.


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